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3W Forming Top
3W Forming Top


3W Forming Top

This WOLFORD 3W Forming Top supports you where you need support. A new version of the Cotton Contour material corrects your hips, waist and stomach, creating a beautiful silhouette. This Forming Top not only corrects your figure, but also feels great all day long because of the material. What is also special about this top is that it contains stylish silicone lines, instead of an underwire. The lines give you the necessary support that a bra normally offers you. All this makes this top perfect to wear under any garment.
31% elastan, 69% katoen
Rose Tan
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Rose Tan
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    This WOLFORD 3W Forming Top corrects your hips, waist and tummy without feeling tight. The Cotton Contour material feels nice and stylish silicone lines give your breasts the support they normally get from a bra. Available in colors Black and Rose Tan.
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      3W Forming Top
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      31% elastan, 69% katoen
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      Stijlvolle lijnen voor ondersteuning
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    30° programma voor fijne was
    30° programma voor fijne was
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