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Fogal - Noir Absolu 100D - Black - 10570 - 5005
Noir Absolu 100D
Noir Absolu 100D


Noir Absolu 100D

The Fogal Noir Absolu Tights is an opaque tights designed with perfection in mind. Everything about these 100 denier Fogal tights  is just right: the design has a timeless beauty, only the very best materials have been used, the quality is exceptional and the fit is unparalleled. The great thing about Fogal is not only the high quality standard and the wearing comfort, but also above all the design that goes back to the essentials: tights should not only be beautiful but also, above all, wearable. No bright colors or showy patterns, but timelessly beautiful and brilliant in its simplicity. Due to the use of a very soft microfibre, these Fogal tights feel silky soft on the skin.

Cover your legs in pure luxury and give them an irresistible look with the Fogal Noir Absolu.

100 denier
92% polyamide, 8% elastan
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    The Noir Absolu van Fogal has a timeless design that shines in its simplicity. In addition, these tights have the famous Fogal fit and the quality can rightly be called exceptional. Once you have experienced the Fogal difference, there is no other legwear brand that will do.

    Fit of the Fogal Noir Absolu tights

    The ideal fit of the Fogal Noir Absolu tights is guaranteed by the special weaving technique in which different needles are used. The yarn is double wound with elastane making the tights very stretchable without losing the defined fit. The result is tights that move smoothly with the leg without pinching or pulling.

    Fogal Noir Absolu tights - wearing comfort

    Of course these tights have flat seams that do not cut into the skin and a cotton insert gusset for extra wearing comfort. The high trouser area has the special Fogal comfort band that does not pinch. Due to the high elasticity, the tights move smoothly with every movement of the leg. In addition, the use of soft microfibre ensures that the tights feel velvety soft against the skin for even more wearing comfort and warmth. With this, Fogal offers unparalleled wearing comfort.

    Fogal Noir Absolu tights - quality

    For more than 80 years, Fogal has stood for quality and this long tradition is reflected in Fogal's legwear. The high quality standard means that every detail is correct. Fogal extends this high standard not only to the choice of materials, weaving techniques and design, but also, for example, to packaging and service. Every detail in the Fogal Noir Absolu opaque tights has been thought through, with quality, fit and specific design being the essence.

    Sizes Fogal tights

    Fogal uses Western European sizes. You can find the conversion of the different sizes in the size chart above. You can rest assured that these correspond exactly to the Dutch sizing. Therefore, order these Fogal tights in your own regular size, no bigger or smaller. If in doubt, please contact us, our customer service team will be happy to help you make the right choice.

    • Brand
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      Noir Absolu 100D
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    • Thickness
      100 denier
    • Materials
      92% polyamide, 8% elastan
    • Pattern
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    • Pants
    • Toe area
    • Transparency
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